About Us

Salud Wellness is organized for the purpose of personal empowerment through spiritual development with a special focus on survivors in need of holistic healing. 
A survivor living within limited means be it spritually, physically or mentally often times struggles to find the resources to access the services that will allow them to separate and integrate.
Separation from the environment of conflict, negativity and fast-paced, multi-tasking that makes it difficult to reflect is a necessary first step. Integration as a complete, healthy and whole person then becomes possible in a way that will change there life and the life of their family. The precarious status
of many survivors puts this population into challenging situations and adds stress to the family structure by weakening the extended family structure, and frequently prohibits full participation in our society.

By providing this population the tools for holistic healing they can develop confidence and become agents of change in the home and society. By empowering survivors living in poverty, be it spiritual or mental we can transform structures and further a right relationship with all creation.